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Queer Swing Dancing in Buenos Aires

About Us

Swing Out takes its name from the fundamental dance move in lindy hop called a swing out, and the idea of being out of the closet. We are a community dance organisation in Buenos Aires that brings swing dancing to the LGBT/queer community by creating an inclusive and welcoming environment where everyone can learn and enjoy swing dancing. 

We offer a fresh perspective on the role of gender in swing. Although swing is, historically, a partner dance with two roles traditionally defined as male and female, we play with this dynamic, specifically encouraging dancers to learn both roles and even to switch roles with their partner while dancing. We use gender-neutral terms in English that describe each person's role in the dance, such as "leader" and "follower," rather than assuming the traditional "Male / Female".

We currently offer weekly beginner's classes on Wednesday evenings and we keep you connected to Buenos Aires' swing dance scene with regular updates and announcements.

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Agustina Zero dances Tango, Butoh and Contemporary in addition to Swing. She first realised that Lindy Hop was the dance for her the first time she saw it six years ago at a milonga. She finds swing dancing a very natural form of expression, as she identifies with the music and the movement on a deep, personal level. An accomplished performer, teacher and choreographer,  she has been placed first in several international swing dance competitions. Over the last few years she has performed with the group Happy Feet in a variety of venues including Teatro Maipo, Ciudad Centro Konex, and Centro Cultural General San Martín in the Jazzologia cycle.

Agustina has been with Swing Out Buenos Aires since its formation, bringing with her a fresh, modern approach to classes that makes swing dancing inspiring and accessible to all.

Julia Hampson discovered swing dancing in Buenos Aires in 2008 when a friend took her to the weekly class and practice at Buenos Aires Swing. It quickly became a passion and over the next year she became a keen social dancer, as both a leader and a follower. She dances many styles, including lindy hop, and specialises in balboa.

Inspired by organizations such as Tango Queer and the Queer Jitterbugs, Julia started Swing Out in December 2009 in order to share her love for swing dancing and jazz music with the queer community.