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Queer Swing Dancing in Buenos Aires

Classes & Events

Our personalised teaching approach enables dancers to learn swing dancing in a fun, relaxed atmosphere, where same-sex partner dancing and role-switching are supported. Lessons are given in both Spanish and English, making it the perfect environment to learn swing with people from all over the world.
Swing queer Class and Practice!
No partner or experience required!

We offer the opportunity to learn both roles of lead and follow from the very beginning, giving you an understanding of the dance from every perspective.

We aim to build up a vocabulary of the basic movements and rhythms of lindy hop, work on techniques to connect to a partner, and practice steps and sequences to use in social dancing. 

Immediately following each class we have a practice session for all levels to put into practice everything you have learnt in the class.

Date: Every Thursday
Class: 8pm practice:  9.30-11
Address: Espacio kabuki, Scalabrini ortiz 276, doorbell 6
Price: AR$18  per class
Practice: AR $10
Teacher:  Julia Hampson
Swing Queer Night!

We invite you to celebrate xmas and new year with us on december 17 at a night of role-swiching, a queer environment and outrageously flamboyant vintage style.

Live music! "Les Bons Airs de Swing" play flaming gypsy jazz with their own special touch. Roque Monsalve (guitar), Joe Troop (violin), Germán Faviere (bass) and their 14 strings paint a rustic landscape with modern brushstrokes.

At 9pm we start with a class for beginners. if you already have some swing dance experience, why not come and try the other role? We will teach easy and fun steps to get you ready to dance all night!

We even have taxi dancers ! They are dancers with experience who can dance in either role who want to welcome you and invite you to dance!

tickets $30
in advance $25 en Kabuki Scalabrini Ortiz 276 Timbre 6

Address:  Casa Brandon, Luis Maria Drago 236